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Why You Need to Change Your Furnace Air Filter

Monday, January 24th, 2022

hands-changing-air-filterOne of the crucial things in furnace maintenance is changing the air filters. If you haven’t done so in a long while, you might want to check it now. Most of the time, when a furnace is on, any slight changes in its overall performance are easily noticeable.

These changes can result in less comfortable air or lower performance output due to a defective filter. Since it is crucial to the comfort of your home, you should change your furnace air filter should at least after a month or two. Here’s why!

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What Could Be Causing Uneven Heating in Your Home?

Monday, January 10th, 2022

man-shiveringYour heating system is the ultimate tool for creating ideal temperature conditions in your home during winter, but what do you do when it stops working properly? Uneven heating can be a sign of system damage, but it’s not always caused by the same fault. Luckily, we’re familiar with the usual suspects. 

If you’ve noticed uneven heating throughout your house, here are 5 potential issues usually at the heart of the problem.

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