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3 Common Summer Air Conditioning Problems

We enjoy mild weather here in Tacoma, WA, but summers can be surprisingly warm. A reliable air conditioning system helps you get through those heat waves comfortably. If it breaks down, you need a repair service to move fast. And while you should never attempt to fix a broken air conditioner yourself, it pays to know what kind of problems your system may experience this summer.  That lets you give the technician a better idea of where to look, which can cut down on repair time considerably. Here’s a list of 3 common summer air conditioning problems.

Low Air Flow or Lack of Cool Air

A clog or an excess of build-up in the system may cause your air to flow more slowly than it should. The AC blower may also be dirty. On the other hand, the air might be blowing just fine, but it’s not sufficiently cool. Your system may have leaked refrigerant, or the condenser coils may not be working the way they should.

Rapid Cycling

Your system might also cycle rapidly between the on and off settings. It tends to happen when the condenser or evaporator is dirty, or the condenser unit is blocked.

It Just Won’t Turn On

Sometimes, the simplest symptom can be the most frustrating. In cases where the system fails to work entirely, it may have overloaded the power and tripped the circuit breakers. In addition, modern units have their own built-in safety switches, which shut the unit down when a significant problem arises. (As frustrating as they are, they also save a lot of the system’s more expensive features from damage.)

When you experience difficulties with your air conditioner, call the experts at Sound Heating & Air Conditioning Inc. We have the skills and experience you need to diagnose any problem with your air conditioning system, and get it back up to speed quickly!

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