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Ground Source Heat Pump Issues to Watch For

One of the most reliable types of HVAC systems on the market today is that of the ground source heat pump, mostly due to its longevity. However, just because it is a reliable and sturdy system doesn’t mean that it will never run into repair issues. These kind of repairs are often a source of concern for homeowners as there is a buried ground loop involved.

But not to worry—our highly experienced and trained technicians know how to handle any repair issues that might develop with your geothermal system, including any that occur within the system’s loop. Read further for a few of the most common ground source heat pump issues to keep an eye out for.

Problems with the Heat Pump Itself

As with all other air-source heat pumps, certain types of problems can occur with your ground source heat pump. Issues usually involve the fan—in a ducted system—the compressor, and anti-freeze leaks.

Scale Build-Up

Most ground source heat pump systems utilize water to facilitate heat transfer. If you have hard water in your system—that is, water with a high concentration of calcium and magnesium—then you’ll likely see this buildup in the form of scale within your heat pump or ground loop system.

Scale is a hard, white substance of calcified minerals which can cling to the inside of your ground loop and the components of your heat pump. Our technicians can help resolve this issue with ease, but be sure to give us a call before the problem has a chance to worsen.


Ground loop leaks can seem very daunting, but they don’t have to be. Fortunately, ground loop leaks do not require digging up your entire yard to find. On the contrary, in order to accurately locate the leak, our technicians inject eco-friendly dye into the system, and as the leak makes its way to the topsoil, so will the dye. A few days after the injection, the technicians will look for the spot where the dye has reached the surface, dig down, repair the leak, and recover the ground loop with soil.

Whether you need replacement or repair, you can count on Sound Heating for your Gig Harbor, WA ground source heat pump services

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