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What Problems Can Routine Hydronic Boiler Maintenance Help You Avoid?

The first thing to keep in mind when it comes to hydronic boilers is that, although they are one of the most reliable heating systems on the market, they are not immune to problems.

Fortunately, however, you can often avoid the costliest and most severe of hydronic boiler issues by having this heating system regularly tuned-up. This will help keep you prepared, and though you may still need to call for heating repair service at some point, you’ll have a peace of mind that your system has been thoroughly checked. Read on to learn more about the problems you may be able to avoid with regular maintenance.

Malfunctioning Circulator Pump

Boiler systems have fewer mechanical components than other heating systems, such as furnaces or heat pumps. The circulator pump is one of these components—and a very important one, at that. Natural wear and tear causes it to decline over time, and if it breaks it will not be able to complete its task of moving hot water from the tank to send through the pipes to terminal points in your household.

Expansion Tank Issue

If you’ve ever studied your boiler’s water tank, you will have noticed a small cylindrical component attached to a pressure gauge. This is the expansion tank, and it maintains the pressure inside the boiler to help prevent it from spiking. However, if the membrane in this tank breaks, then it will place the tank in danger of too-high water pressure, leading to a host of other problems.


Because hydronic boiler systems do utilize water, naturally they are exposed to the risk of leaks. This can occur due to old pipes or poorly soldered connections. In addition to potential water damage in your home, the hydronic boiler may lose its heating capability, rendering it ineffective.

At Sound Heating, we take your comfort as seriously as you do. Contact us today to schedule your Olympia, WA hydronic heating maintenance appointment to help prevent these issues and more. 

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