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Heat Pump Services in Tacoma, WA

There are many ways to heat a building using furnaces, boilers, and heat pumps. But, only one option truly allows you to cut down on your carbon footprint and save money on your heating bills in a big way. This revolutionary method is called ground source heating. Ground source heat pumps, also known as geothermal heat pumps, are unique in many ways, but mainly because they provide complete heating for your home using just the warmth stored in the earth.

But, installation of a ground source heat pump is a big process. It requires drilling, installation of pipes in your yard and the integration of a heat pump and duct system into your home to distribute the heated air. For expert heat pump services in the Tacoma, WA area, contact Sound Heating & Air Conditioning. Our experienced technicians will help you choose the perfect system for your home and then maintain it for years to come.

How Ground Source / Geothermal Heat Pumps Work

A heat pump takes the warmth from one medium – usually either air or water – and transfers it to another using a compressor. The result is a steady, reliable transfer of energy between two environments. In your case that means heat from outside is gathered and transferred to air that will be circulated through your home’s ducts. A ground source heat pump is interesting because instead of using the heat in the air as a traditional heat pump would, you can tap into the natural energy stored beneath the earth’s surface.

Heat Pump Installation in Tacoma

When a ground source heat pump is installed, technicians need to drill a hole in the ground. Most ground source installations utilize horizontal loop systems because they are simpler and less expensive to have installed. However, in areas that experience particularly cold winters, a vertical installation is often used. Because the Earth stores more energy the deeper you go, vertical drilling allows your ground source system to draw more heat during the winter months when it’s needed.

After drilling, pipes are laid underground. Water or coolant is then circulated through the pipes to gather heat. Even if the underground temperature is just 50 degrees Fahrenheit, the water in the pipes can absorb that heat and carry it back to the heat pump. The heat pump then transfers the heat energy from the water to air through a compressor. This air is then blown into your ducts by a blower and air handler system, and delivered throughout your home to keep your family warm even on the coldest of nights.

The best part is that in the summer your ground source heat pump acts as a cooling system, extracting heat from your home’s air and depositing it into the ground outside.

Heat Pump Maintenance & Repair in Tacoma

Installation of a ground source heat pump is a big process, and if you don’t already have air ducts installed, it can take a while to complete. However, installation is only the first step in tapping into this affordable, renewable heating source. After your heat pump is installed and operating, you need to keep it running year after year and that means regular maintenance visits.

During these visits, a trained professional will check and change the filters on your heat pump and your duct system will be cleaned. Compressors and evaporator coils will be cleaned thoroughly to remove any dust and debris build up and to make sure air is properly heated and cooled each season.

If something should go wrong, we’re always available to provide expert repair services as well – often the same day you call. If you own a ground source heat pump or you’re thinking of having one installed, contact us today and learn why the King, Pierce and Thurston County, Washington area trusts us with their heat pump needs.


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