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Heating Installation in Tacoma, WA

The heating system installation process depends on a number of factors. If you are moving into an old Tacoma, WA area home with a worn and battered furnace, installing a new furnace will require removal of the old system and upgrades to any out of date or worn parts. If you are installing a system in a brand new home, the process is considerably easier, but will still require a great deal of planning to get the right heating system in place.

                Heating Installation in Olympia

If you are performing a heating system installation in Tacoma please remember these safety regulations. Never install a heating duct or wall heater don’t have anything blocking it. Never install a wall heater without wall brackets. Never paint an electric heater, or install it within a few feet of a false ceiling.

Choosing a New Heating System

The first step in the process is to choose what type of heating system you want installed. There are a lot of factors to consider that the trained experts at Sound Heating can help you sort through.

To start with, you must consider the efficiency rating of your new heating system installation. Do you want a super high efficient installation with an AFUE 97% rating or would you like to save on upfront costs with a lower 80% rating? Do you want to use the same heating source you have in the building now or would you like to change it to a more efficient, affordable source of energy?

These factors can have a substantial impact both on the scope of the installation and the cost, but not always in the way you think, so it is a good idea to give us a call and discuss your particular needs before making any concrete decisions.

Heating Installation Process

When installation begins, the old heating system must first be removed. This requires disconnection from the energy source. If you currently use gas or oil, this may require special permits that we will obtain. The parts of the old furnace and heating system are then disassembled and removed from the basement or cellar where they are currently located.

Most of the time, the plenum metal ductwork located on your furnace is custom made to fit the particular furnace model in your home. So, if you are replacing an old furnace with a new model that is a different size, a new metal connection may need to be fabricated. We will help you select a furnace based not just on the size of your ducts, but on the heat loss of your home and the overall needs of your family.

In some cases, a smaller furnace may be possible with the addition of insulation that will reduce heat loss. If this is a cost effective solution, it is a good thing to look into, especially with recent tax credits for making such changes to your home.

Beyond the furnace, installation also includes the incoming piping and the exhaust piping. To ensure the furnace works properly, we will measure these pipes carefully and ensure they are installed to code. This will reduce energy loss, but also ensure undue stress is not placed on your new furnace, while avoiding any potential health risks due to carbon monoxide leakage.

Professional Heating Technicians

If you notice that there are any problems in your current heating system, please bring it to our attention when we arrive for an estimate. Heat loss or uneven heating in the rooms of your home may not be directly related to an out of date furnace. It might have to do with old ductwork or thermostat problems. We can review these potential issues during the installation process to make sure your new furnace maintains the level of comfort you desire.

A heating system installation is a big undertaking, but the trained technicians at Sound Heating have been installing heaters in the King, Pierce and Thurston County, Washington area for some time now. We can provide the peace of mind, competitive pricing, and top–notch customer service you desire during such a complicated change to your home.


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