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Hydronic Heating in Tacoma, WA

Sound Heating - Hydronics

While most homes built recently will offer either gas or electric heating, the use of hydronics is still very much a part of modern heating systems. Whether through water or steam, hydronic systems offer a simple yet effective heating method that, in conjunction with modern technology, can be highly efficient in nearly any Tacoma, WA area home.

                Hydronics Tip

Hydronic heating systems in Tacoma are very efficient machines that need little maintenance done. But after a significant amount of heavy use they can develop air bubbles. Home owners will be able to tell when it is time to perform maintenance on their boilers when they hear bubbling. Another noise that people should keep an eye out for is a humming or vibrating. That will indicate that the electric motor is failing.

Our Hydronic Services

Sound Heating provides a wide array of hydronic services, including basic routine maintenance, emergency repairs, and installation. Not only can we help service and install boilers for the hydronic heating systems that are becoming so popular, but we can help you map out the best floor plans for radiant floor heating, determine the impact hydronics will have on the overall comfort level in your home, and the best way to regulate that temperature.

What is Hydronics?

While the technology is not new (hydronic heating has been used in homes and commercial buildings since the 1940s) modern hydronic systems provide homeowners a number of new ways to utilize the power of water as a heating source.

A hydronic heating system involves piping heated water through plastic piping in your home. While radiators and baseboard heaters have traditionally been the preferred method of releasing hydronic heat, new high performance plastics and piping allow for the installation of heating pipes in your home’s floors and walls. Some people are even installing hydronic piping in their sidewalks and backyards to keep them heated during the coldest winter months.

Deciding if Hydronics is Right for You

Hydronic heating allows for easy zone temperature control with regulated heat sensors in multiple rooms of your home. It also minimizes the impact of air being pumped directly into a room. If ducts and vents are not cleaned regularly, that air can grow stale and make a room stuffy. With hydronic heating, the air isn’t circulated through ducts, allowing you to pair the heating system with a powerful filtration system to keep the flow of air fresh and comfortable.

Hydronic boilers work in conjunction with traditional heating sources like natural gas, oil, propane, and electricity, as well as the newly popular solar heating panels. So, you won’t need to install or convert your existing energy source to use hydronics.

The Benefits of Hydronics

While the most obvious benefit of hydronic heating is the even, steady distribution of heat in your home, it can also be used for other previously unheard of things. In regions prone to heavy snowfall, hydronics can be used to heat driveways or sidewalks to melt snow and ice before it accumulates. It can also be used to heat a pool or sauna in the backyard during the spring and summer.

Hydronics can be integrated with your domestic water supply to ensure you never run out of hot water when doing dishes or taking a shower. By utilizing a coil connecting your boiler to your normal hot water heater, you can ensure steady heating of as much water as you need year–round.

Choosing Hydronics for Your Home

If you’re currently using a dated, slowly wearing down heating source like a gas or electric furnace, it might be time for a change. If you’re interested in what hydronics has to offer or want to learn more about how hydronics would integrate with your home, give us a call today and have one of our Tacoma & Puget Sound area expert technicians explain everything.

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