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Hydronic Baseboard Systems

If you choose hydronic baseboard heating for your Tacoma, Washington area home, it’s important to get the best possible service every step of the way. That’s why Sound Heating spends countless hours ensuring every one of our trained HVAC specialists is able to help you with any questions, repair needs, or maintenance issues you have with any part of your hydronic system including the baseboard heaters.

What Are Baseboard Heaters?

Hydronic systems work by circulating heated water from a boiler to rooms in a house through a series of tubes and pipes. There are a variety of ways to transfer the heat from those pipes and tubes into the room, one of the most common of which is baseboards.

A hydronic baseboard is located at the base of the wall in a room. They work by drawing cool air in from the lower ends of the floor (where cool air tends to gather) and heating it against those warm pipes and tubes. It is then pushed back from the baseboard through a separate exit point where it can warm the room.

Baseboard heaters have been around for many years, with radiators coming into their own during the 1940s. The modern version of hydronic heating is much simpler and more lightweight, allowing for quick installation at the base of any wall in your home. These heaters can be zoned into separate control areas to simplify managing multiple climates in your home.

Beyond being incredibly efficient, hydronic baseboard heaters are closed off, meaning you don’t need to do any work on them. Other than routine annual maintenance, your baseboard heating system will remain operational year in and year out. Not only that, but they are quiet and provide more even heating than a lot of warm air heating systems.

Hydronic Baseboard Systems Installation

While incredibly efficient, hydronic baseboard heating installation is a complicated process, usually done during initial construction. However, due to the lower energy cost, more even heating, and reduction of allergen and pollutant issues often associated with warm air heating, many more people are turning to hydronics in old constructions.

These installations require careful attention to the construction materials used in the home, the layout of pipes in the wall and in the flooring, and how best to distribute heated water to each room of the house.

Because a baseboard heater must be linked to the household plumbing and power supply, trained contractors are necessary to ensure proper installation of a safely operating system. If you’re considering a hydronic baseboard system for your Tacoma & Puget Sound area home, contact Sound Heating today and learn more about how this type of classic yet effective heating can save you money, keep your family warm, and cut down on the risk of airborne illnesses and pollutants in your home.

Learn today why we’re the best option for all hydronic baseboard heating installations, as well as ongoing system service.


I would like to say thank you very much to all the staff from Sound Heating. I'm very happy with the job you guys did.

- V. Chau in Puyallup, WA

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