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Hydronic Boiler Systems in Tacoma, WA

Hydronic boiler systems are becoming the heating method of choice in new homes in the Tacoma, WA area. If you’re considering an upgrade to hydronic heating or need service or repairs done on your boiler, Sound Heating has long been at the forefront of the hydronic boiler push, so our HVAC technicians are highly skilled at providing servicing your heating system.

How a Hydronics Boiler Works

Hydronics boiler systems are not new even if their popularity makes it seem as such. For many years, they have been the preferred heating method in Europe and in the United States more households are heated via boiler systems than furnaces.

While some of the technology being used has developed more recently, the core idea behind the hydronic boiler system is almost 100 years old. A boiler works by heating the water supply to a proper temperature (often around 140 degrees, though 120 degrees is more efficient), and then circulating that water throughout the house via radiators, floorboard heating, or baseboard heaters.

Most boilers do not boil the water, though some models will use steam for heating, therefore boiling before distributing the heat. Boilers can use any source of energy to heat the water, including oil, electricity and gas, though natural gas is generally the most popular because of its cost and general availability in developed areas.

Hydronic Boiler System Benefits

One of the few drawbacks of a hydronic boiler is the initial cost of installation. Due to the cost of pipes and the boiler system, the initial installation is usually more than that of a warm air furnace. However, after that, a boiler system has a number of very real benefits.

To start with, the system itself requires far less space than a warm air furnace which needs vents and a lot of ductwork to move all that hot air throughout a home. Additionally, the heating is more even throughout your house as copper pipes slowly release heat over time instead of dumping it into the room all at once through air vents.

This means that your boiler will use less energy to maintain the same temperatures and far less heat is lost rising through your house into the upper rooms. Hydronic boiler systems also do not introduce unwanted allergens and pollutants into the air. Because the heating source is sealed and only the heat itself enters your home, you won’t need to worry about dust or mold filled ducts creating allergy or health problems in your house.

Choosing a Hydronic Boiler System

We work with all the major brands of boilers, water pumps, heating valves, and tubing and can provide a complete rundown of everything you will need to install and run a highly efficient hydronic boiler in your house.

If you’re ready to make a change or simply want to learn more about how hydronics can work for you, give us a call. One of our trained HVAC representatives can answer your questions and set up a time to provide a more detailed, in–depth estimate for your needs. Call us today and learn why Sound Heating is the King, Pierce and Thurston County, Washington area leader in hydronic heating systems.


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