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Hydronic Floor Systems in Tacoma, WA

Hydronic floor systems are one of many ways that a boiler based heating system can provide efficient, cutting edge heating in a modern Tacoma, Washington area home. While the technology behind hydronics has been around since the 1940s, modern applications are increasingly sophisticated and Sound Heating is at the forefront of the push to provide this highly efficient, low cost, and effective heating source to homes throughout the Tacoma, WA area.

How Do Hydronic Floor Systems Work?

Hydronics heating is a simple process. It works by using a boiler to heat water and then circulate that hot water throughout your home via tubes and pipes. Every hydronic heating system has the same core parts including a boiler, water source, tubing, heat exchanger and plumbing manifolds. However, the method used to distribute the heat into your home varies depending on your installation choices.

One of the most popular ways to heat with hydronics, however, is a floor system. Also known as radiant floor heating, hydronic floor systems involve placing tubes and pipes beneath the floors of each room in your house. Hot water is then passed through these pipes and tubes where it can release heat into your floor.

Why Is Floor Heating So Effective?

Radiant floor heating is popular for a number of reasons. First, it makes the floor nice and toasty – an extremely welcome addition for wood floors and tile. It is also very quiet, producing almost no noise since most of the piping is buried between 1 and 4 inches beneath your floor boards.

In addition to being so quiet, radiant floor heating is also extremely efficient. When hot water passes through the copper pipes, heat is released very slowly. It must rise through the pipes, into the concrete and insulation layers above it and then through your floor into your home. Much less hot water can provide a great deal of heat.

Compare that to warm air heating, which requires a steady flow of warm air being pushed throughout your house and you’ll see a tremendous difference in how much energy is required to keep a similarly sized home heated.

And on top of all that, radiant floor heating is more even and easy to control. It will maintain a steady temperature in each room of your house while making it easy to zone control each of the rooms. And because there are no ducts or vents with air constantly being passed through them, the risk of added pollutants and allergens passing into your home is much less than with warm air heating.

Choosing Hydronic Floor Systems

The choice to install a hydronic heating system in your house is a big one. Installation is complicated and takes a great deal more time than a traditional furnace. However, for many homeowners, the added benefits of a boiler and radiant flooring system are so great that the added installation time is well worth it.

If you are trying to determine whether hydronic radiant floor heating is a good fit for your home or if you need more information about the cost and scope of the installation process, call Sound Heating today and ask to talk to one of our many skilled HVAC technicians.

Every step of the way, it is our goal to help families in the King, Pierce and Thurston County, Washington area get the very most of their heating systems. Customers come first and when you call us today, you’ll see that in everything we do.


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