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Hydronic Heating Installation in Tacoma, WA

Depending on how it will be used, a hydronic heating installation can be a complex process. While some other heating and cooling activities could be done on a do–it–yourself basis, hydronics likely does not fit in to that category due to the number of changes needed.

Sound Heating has worked with all the major brands of hydronic boilers, baseboard heaters and under floor tubing systems in the Tacoma, WA area for years, ensuring our technicians are highly skilled in their installation so you never need to worry about unnecessary maintenance or repair.

                Hydronic Installation Tip

When our Sound Heating technicians install your hydronic heating system they will need to perform what is known as a balancing test.  This test will ensure homeowners that there will be an even distribution of heat throughout the entire heating system.  This act of balancing can be achieved by manipulating the amount of flow for the water or energy.

Hydronics Pre–Installation

If you’re not sure whether a fresh installation or a supplement to your existing heating system is right for you, Sound Heating can help layout the benefits of both options. If you already know what you’d like, it is still important to have one of our trained technicians come and take a closer look at your home and its unique heating needs.

During that initial visit, we can provide estimates for proper boiler size, the number of rooms you will heat, outdoor tubing if necessary, and a variety of available parts. It is also important to check the existing building materials and construction and ensure your floors can withstand the extra heat and weight of the tubing. Some older constructions may need additional supports installed before hydronics installation. A final estimate will be made depending on your choices and our technicians can get to work almost immediately.

Hydronics Installation

There are three primary options for installation of hydronic heating systems, two of them considered "wet" in that they use concrete and the third dry with insulating plates. The first is a slab–on grade option. This is where the ground is flattened first and then laid over with a vapor barrier, followed by insulation and mesh, then the tubing that will carry hot water through your flooring. Concrete is then poured over the entire assembly to keep it in place and provide adequate insulation.

A thin slab method is also used when a subfloor is in place. For this option, the tubing is attached to the subfloor and then layered with concrete. Finally, there is a plate system that involves simply installing the piping to the bottom of the subfloor with insulated plates in place to keep the pipes from freezing in the winter months.

The type of hydronic system installation used for your home will vary largely depending on the age of the construction, the type of flooring in place and a number of other building requirements that vary from home to home.

Deciding on Hydronic Heating

Hydronic system installation has been one of our premiere calling cards in the King, Pierce and Thurston County, Washington area for years. With a team of trained HVAC technicians and a keen eye for the installation methods that work best in each particular situation, you can rest assured that when Sound Heating approaches your new hydronic heating system, you will get the best quality products, the highest level of customer service and an installation that will last for decades to come. For an estimate or any questions you might have, call Sound Heating today.


I have worked with these guys on a few jobs at the South Hill Mall and they have some very professional employees.

- Nick A.

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