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Hydronic Heating Repairs in Tacoma, WA

While energy efficient, affordable, and currently very popular, hydronic systems are just as susceptible to damage and wear if not properly maintained. If you have a hydronic system in need of repair or just moved into a new home where an old, worn hydronic boiler is being used, contact Sound Heating to learn more about our full range of Tacoma, WA area hydronic heating repair services.

                Hydronic Heating Repair Tips

If your heating source is a boiler or hydronic system in Tacoma it is important that you have these 5 safety features. A sight glass, which allows you to see the level of the water in the boiler. A relief valve is important to ease the pressure in the boiler. A cut off valve for low water. A Hartford Loop is important to prevent water loss. And hopefully an automatic valve for water introduction. 


Types of Hydronics Repairs

A hydronic heating system is very common, especially in the form of traditional finned–tube radiator or baseboard heaters using hot water. For that reason, many hydronic systems in existing homes are quite old. If you live in a home that is more than 20 years old, there is a good chance that you may have upcoming boiler issues, especially if it has not been checked annually.

Issues with hydronic boiler systems include old pipes, uneven heating throughout your home, old parts that are worn or wearing down, and potential failures in the boiler itself. The baseboard heaters or radiators may also need repair if they are leaking, not retaining heat, or simply not distributing the hot water effectively.

Repairs in Newer Hydronic Systems

Many new homes are being built with hydronic radiant heating. Unfortunately, not every hydronic system is properly installed or maintained after construction. As a result, even the most efficient new systems often need emergency repairs.

If you have a radiant floor heating system in place for your hydronic boiler, it is vital that you have regular maintenance performed at least once every year. This will help to identify potential problems in the pipes, water pump, plumbing manifolds, or baseboard heaters being used to transport water to the far corners of your home.

If you use your hydronic system to maintain your domestic hot water supply, you should also schedule regular maintenance for your indirect hot water heater. If you notice a sudden drop in hot water supply, any noises coming from the pipes in your floor, or uneven heating in your home, it is a sure sign that something may be wrong with your hydronics. Give Sound Heating a call and we’ll take a closer look at your system to ensure nothing is wrong.

Hydronics Services

We have been working with hydronic systems in the Tacoma & Puget Sound area for years and we specialize in all major brands, including high–efficiency models. If you need assistance in maintaining or repairing your hydronic system, contact Sound Heating today and learn how our team of highly trained experts can help you get your heating system back online in no time flat.




I have worked with these guys on a few jobs at the South Hill Mall and they have some very professional employees.

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