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Hydronic Heating Replacement in Tacoma, WA

Heating systems do not last forever. Even the most durable products will need replacement after 25 years of heavy use. So, if it is time to replace your gas or electric furnace, consider opting for a hydronic system. Tacoma, Washington area hydronic experts Sound Heating can help you find the highest quality hydronics parts and service, ensuring that your new boiler based heating system not only keeps you warm all winter, but uses less energy and provides a number of benefits beyond in–home heating.

Why Choose Hydronics?

When it comes time to replace your heater, you’ll have many options. Most of the time, it will seem simpler and less expensive to opt for a warm air heating replacement, so why consider hydronics? To start with, hydronic heating systems allow you to do much more than just heat your home.

Even if you already had a hydronic system in place and are merely replacing it with a newer, top of the line model, you can upgrade your heating to include more precise zone controls in the rooms of your house, outdoor heating of your sidewalks and driveway during icy winter months, and even outdoor heating of your pool, garage and patio. Because hydronics uses hot water in tubes, that heat can be piped nearly anywhere on your property effectively.

We make it our priority to see that every step of the installation process goes as smoothly as possible, from the moment you call us to come and look at your existing heating system to the first day of the installation process.

Hydronics Options

What makes hydronics so popular in the 21st century is the radiant heating alternative to warm air vents. Why does it make sense to have radiant heating installed? Because it is cleaner, more even and generally costs far less on your energy bill if installed properly.

Warm air heating requires a combination of vents and ducts that carry warm air from your furnace to the rooms of your home. That warm air must remain heated at all times, so even with a good air purification or ventilation system, you must heat all incoming air. Additionally, those ducts can become clogged with dirt and debris that is then blasted into each room of your home where your family must breathe the potential pollutants.

Radiant floor heating on the other hand introduces nothing into your home except the raw energy being carried by those hot water pipes. Additionally, a hydronics system can help to heat your hot water in an indirect hot water heater, maintaining your hot water supply far greater than a traditional tank heater ever could. Combined with potential benefits of outdoor heating, hydronics is by far the most versatile heating option on the market.

Hydronic Heating Expertise

When you contact Sound Heating, you’re getting years of experience from our Tacoma & Puget Sound area hydronics experts. Our trained HVAC technicians can help you make the right decisions about which systems, installation methods, and parts will best serve your family. From our wide supply of major brands and parts to the carefully planned maintenance schedules we’ll help you develop; our number one goal is to provide you with the best possible heating system for your family.

So, if you’re ready to learn more about hydronic heating system replacement, give the experts at Sound Heating a call and find out why our service is second to none.


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