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Energy Recovery Ventilators in Tacoma, WA

One of the biggest issues when it comes to maintaining good indoor air quality is a lack of ventilation. With doors and windows sealed up during winter and summer months, a lack of ventilation can lead to a build–up in pollen, dander, and harmful germs. To help encourage proper ventilation while reducing the energy cost that often comes with low grade ventilators, an energy recovery ventilator is a good solution.

Sound Heating & Air Conditioning provides a full range of energy recovery ventilators (ERVs) to provide your Tacoma, Washington area home with steady, efficient ventilation that will not cost you an arm and a leg in energy bills.

How Do Energy Recovery Ventilators Work?

These systems work by transferring heat from air exiting the house into the cold air entering the house during ventilation during the winter. In the summer, the ventilator transfers cool air from air conditioned air inside the house to the warm air being brought inside the house. In effect, a good energy recovery ventilator will ensure you never waste or lose either heat or AC when you transfer air between indoor and outdoor sources.

Types of Energy Recovery Ventilators

Sound Heating & Air Conditioning recommends products from both major types of Energy Recovery Ventilators. The first type of ventilator is the "heat recovery ventilator" or HRV. The second type of energy recovery ventilator is an enthalpy recovery ventilator or ERV.

Both systems do the same work by using a heat exchanger to shift heat from either indoor or outdoor air to the other. Most of these systems are centrally mounted with individual duct systems, though we also provide a number of small window–mounted options for single room ventilation.

In terms of differences between the two types of ventilators, an HRV works by transferring heat only while the ERV will transfer water vapor along with the heat. By transferring moisture with the heat, the ERV is able to maintain humidity in your house along with the temperature.

Energy Recovery Ventilator Installation

The cost of installation for an ERV or HRV system is higher than that of a standard ventilator due to the need for ductwork. Costs are reduced by sharing ductwork between systems, though more complicated systems will cost more money and require more long term maintenance than the lower grade systems on the market.

But, the cost of a system like this can be greatly offset by the decreased need for additional heat or cooling when transferring air. Ventilation is highly recommended to keep fresh, clean air in your home, but without an energy recovery ventilator, you will need to reheat any incoming cold air and re–cool any incoming warm air, not to mention humidity control. With these systems those issues are negated by maintaining the heat or cooling you’ve already generated.

An energy recovery ventilator can have a tremendous impact on your home and its ability to remain energy efficient year–round, while maintaining healthy, clean air. If you’ve decided it is time to upgrade your ventilation system or you are in need of a fresh installation in the King, Pierce and Thurston County, Washington area, call Sound Heating & Air Conditioning today and learn what options you have. Our trained technicians, years of experience in the air filtration field and wide range of products and parts will help you make the best possible decision for your family.


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