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Puyallup, WA Thermostat Services

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When installing a brand new heating and cooling system in your home, the last thing you think about is the thermostat. But, what good is a high-quality HVAC system if your thermostat does a poor job of regulating temperature? Sound Heating and Air Conditioning Inc. is here to make sure that you have a great thermostat to match your AC and heating systems.

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This is a big decision, so it’s important that you choose the style and brand of thermostat that will have the greatest impact on the overall comfort of your Tacoma, WA area home. Get more information and your service scheduled today.

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Wireless Thermostats

Technology makes almost everything in our lives simpler, including thermostats. So, why opt for a complicated, wired system of thermostats when you can upgrade to a wireless system that allows for easy integration of multiple panels throughout your home? Wireless thermostats are designed to maintain accurate temperature control, offer remote control access, and provide precise temperature control throughout your home as a result of pinpoint measurements and easily adjustable settings.

Digital Thermostats

Digital thermostats are generally wireless but also come in wired varieties depending on the type of system you choose to install. These digital systems are preferred by most builders because they are incredibly accurate and can be easily replaced in a wireless system when there is a problem. Advances in wireless digital technology have also made digital thermostats affordable, with minimal price differences between these models and traditional thermostats.

Wired Thermostats

Traditional wired thermostats are still available for simple interfaces in new homes and installations. For the most part, you won’t notice a particular difference by choosing a wired thermostat other than that they are not mobile and installation requires slightly more invasive work. However, despite those drawbacks, wired thermostats are less expensive to install and therefore more popular for low cost upgrades to existing homes.

Other Factors to Consider

The type of thermostat you want for your home is definitely important, but so too is the quality and brand of that thermostat. There are both good and bad options available for digital, wireless, and wired thermostats, but features like zone control, programming, and timers are all popular upgrades for systems in high-use environments.

  • Programming – Most digital thermostats offer programmability. This allows you to adjust temperature based on time of day, humidity, and day of the week. If you know you won’t be home, letting the house get warmer or cooler than is comfortable won’t hurt you. And if you know when you will be home later in the day, you can set the thermostat to have the heat or air conditioning kick on just before you get in, ensuring a comfortable arrival without an hour of adjustment.
  • Zone Control – Having zone control is a big plus for thermostats. Imagine being able to set different temperatures in your living room, bathrooms, and bedrooms. Not only does this contribute to greater comfort for every member of your household—it ensures you save money by reducing the work load on your air conditioner and cutting back on the raw amount of energy needed to run your system.

Choosing a thermostat is an important decision. So, if you’re ready to make the leap and start better comfort control for your home, give Sound Heating and Air Conditioning Inc. a call. Our trained experts pride themselves on helping customers in the Greater Puget Sound area select the perfect thermostat for their homes.

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