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Be Aware of Common AC Condensate Drain Issues

One of the air conditioning components you probably think the least about is the system’s condensate drain. In fact, you might even now be asking yourself what a condensate drain is. This component is one of the most important, yet most ignored parts of your air conditioning system.

The condensate drain connects to a pan located below the evaporator coil, which collects the condensate that drips off the outside of the coil as warm, moist air passes over it. Dealing with moisture brings inherent problems, a few of which we’ve outlined below.

Mold Development

When the summer heat hits, you crank on your AC. During its heavy period of use, the drain tube that leads away from the air conditioner drain pan is almost always damp.

This creates the ideal environment for the development of mold, which can be harmful for your health and the health of your family. It’s for this reason that it’s vital you keep your condensate drain clean.

Drain Trap

Your condensate drain includes a U-shaped trap, similar to the trap you’d find below your kitchen sink. In order for water to properly flow out of the system, your condensate drain must work effectively.

Otherwise, the drain trap can become blocked, or dry out. Blockages can cause sewer odors and gases to back up into your home. Also, if water doesn’t flow correctly, the buildup can lead to mildew and fungus growth in addition to mold development.

Leaking or Flooding

If there is anything blocking your condensate drain line—mold, dirt, debris of any kind—then the condensate pan can fill up with water and eventually overflow. A small, unnoticed leak can turn into a flood and create damage to your flooring, drywall, and other air conditioning equipment. This is particularly true if the problem is avoided for a long period of time.

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