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Causes of Inadequate Cooling

During the hottest days of summer, a subpar performance from your air conditioning system can be a serious problem. There are a lot of reasons why your air conditioner may come up short in the cooling department. While you should never attempt to repair any problems with your air conditioning system on your own, understanding a little more about the causes of inadequate cooling can help you avoid making mistakes that can reduce the comfort level in your home. Here are a few examples of reasons that your air conditioning system may fail to provide you with the exceptional service you deserve. Contact the Tacoma air conditioning repair technicians at Sound Heating for more details.

One very common cause of inadequate cooling from air conditioning systems is a very dirty air filter. This is a perfect example of a problem that you yourself can resolve and avoid in order to allow your air conditioning system to operate with the great efficiency and effectiveness you want. As your air conditioner operates and air circulates throughout the system, the airborne pollutants in that air are filtered out on the air filter within your AC. If too much dirt and debris is allowed to build up on this air filter it can create too much airflow resistance in the system. This can lead to frozen coils, excessive wear and tear as well as many other operational issues.

Another reason that your air conditioning system may not be performing properly is due to an improper refrigerant charge. If you hope to get a great performance from your AC it is necessary that it has the right amount of refrigerant in it. If your refrigerant is low, it likely means that there is a leak in your system. You air conditioner does not consume refrigerant, but rather recycles it again and again. If your refrigerant is leaking or if some has escaped during service, we can recharge it to proper levels.

To learn more about some common causes of inadequate cooling, contact the Tacoma air conditioning repair pros at Sound Heating. We’ll answer any questions that you may have to help you get a better cooling performance in your home. Schedule service today.

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