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Common Air Conditioning Maintenance Steps

We have written about the importance of air conditioning maintenance before, but we haven’t really discussed the steps involved with it. It is important to understand at least a few of the different procedures involved with air conditioning maintenance, as it will help you understand why it is so important in the first place. With that in mind, let’s take a look at some of the common air conditioning maintenance steps.

Cleaning or Replacing the Air Filter

The air filter is a part that is responsible for protecting your evaporator coil from dust and other debris that might blow in from the return ducts. The problem is once the air filter catches the dust, it has no way to get rid of it. If the filter is not cleaned or replaced every few months, it will become thickly clogged. This will cut off the flow of air to the coil, which will malfunction and freeze over. This is why we always check and clean or replace the air filter during AC maintenance.

Inspecting the Refrigerant Line

The only reason that your air conditioner can cool your home is because it uses refrigerant to siphon heat from the air. If the system loses access to its refrigerant, like from a leak in the refrigerant line, then it will slowly degrade in efficiency until it breaks down completely. A leak in the refrigerant line is one of the biggest problems an air conditioner can have, which is why we always check the line during a maintenance appointment. If we do find a leak, we can seal it off and refill the refrigerant up to the proper level.

If you haven’t scheduled air conditioner maintenance in at least a year, call Sound Heating. We serve the entire Tacoma, WA area. 

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