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Follow These Tips to Prevent AC Repairs This Summer

checklist on a clipboardWith temperatures barely approaching the high 70s, you may not be thinking about your air conditioner too much. However, soon enough you’ll be ready to switch your thermostat to cooling mode, and when that time comes you may not notice anything wrong with your air conditioner and think it’s running just fine. But, if you’ve skipped maintenance then you could certainly find yourself facing a costly AC repair in Tacoma this summer.

Midsummer AC repairs are a hassle for any homeowner, with breakdowns being an even bigger inconvenience. You’ll most likely have to stop what you’re doing to get the repairs taken care of, and will have to battle with other homeowners to schedule a repair technician, since summertime is a time of the year where HVAC technicians are busiest (and harder to get ahold of). We’d like to help you prevent AC repairs in the first place.

Schedule Maintenance ASAP

Of course, not all repairs can be prevented, but maintenance can definitely help fend them off. AC maintenance is best conducted in the spring, before you begin using the air conditioner the most. Our summers might be comparatively short and mild compared to other parts of the country. However, the drastic change in temperature definitely necessitates a functional and reliable AC system. During your maintenance, our technicians will:

  • Thoroughly Inspect the System: We’ll take a close look at the inside and outside components of your AC, running various tests to see if any components are wearing out and need repairs.
  • Comprehensively Clean Your AC: There are a number of components in your cooling system that require cleaning. Debris in the blower motor, for instance, can cause the system to jam up. Most importantly, the AC outside unit contains a coil that collects a significant amount of debris and dirt over time, and cleaning it helps prevent operational problems.

Change Your Air Filter

Many homeowners believe (mistakenly so) that the air filter that comes standard with their air conditioner is there to protect their indoor air quality. On the contrary, it’s actually intended to protect the inside components of your air conditioner (and heater, for that matter) from debris and dirt that can build up on the internal components.

As we mentioned above, debris can cause your air conditioner to jam up. It can affect many parts of your cooling system, actually. This air filter should be changed every 1–3 months during periods of HVAC system use.

Have Your Ducts Inspected

Your ductwork can accumulate damage due to a number of reasons. First off, if it wasn’t installed correctly, it is vulnerable to issues like loose or disconnected joints. If it’s installed in your attic it’s prone to pinhole leaks due to the heat causing it to corrode.

You can lose up to 30% of your conditioned air through air duct breaches—that’s conditioned air you’re paying for, but not receiving. By having your ducts inspected by a pro, you may feel that duct sealing is necessary, or potentially even duct repair. Just don’t get up there with duct tape (which is not aptly named) and expect to fix the problem on your own! Be sure to call the pros.

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