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Four Signs Your AC is Having Problems

It is important to know when your air conditioner is going wrong so you can get problems addressed quickly. We’re highlighting key signs that can indicate something is wrong with your air conditioner. If you notice any of these signs, you need to give us a call to schedule air conditioning repair in Auburn, WA.

Even if you’re not sure exactly what the unusual signs mean, you can call our team to ask questions and maybe even troubleshoot on your own. In the meantime, you can keep reading to learn more about how to tell if something is wrong with your AC unit.

Strange Sounds

Strange sounds coming from your air conditioner are often loud and concerning. Examples of sounds like this include banging, shrieking, or scraping. But it’s also possible for your air conditioner to make strange sounds that are not as concerning – at first. Examples of this may include gentle rattling sounds or persistent clicking.

You may be less inclined to worry about quiet sounds, but sometimes they can be even more concerning than the loud ones. If your air conditioner is clicking over and over again, it may be struggling to start up for a cooling cycle or wind back down following one. This can add a lot of strain to the unit and potentially cost you a lot more on your energy bills. Persistent rattling can point to a small component that is loose or ductwork that needs to be secured.

Bad Smells

Any unusual smells are equally concerning since your air conditioner should never produce any type of odor. If you have a refrigerant leak, you may notice a chemical odor that borders on smelling sweet. It’s easy to think that this is not too alarming, but a refrigerant leak can be very dangerous for both your home and your family. Plus, without enough refrigerant charge, your AC will never be able to pull your home effectively.

Other examples of bad odors include a musty or damp smell that can point to moisture buildup and even mold growth. It’s also worrisome to smell a burning odor coming from your AC because this can point to electrical problems or the system itself overheating.

Unusual Cooling Cycles

Sometimes your air conditioner may not even produce any super obvious signs that there are problems. Unless you’re paying attention to cooling cycles very closely, it’s easy to miss the signs that your AC is operating in an unusual pattern. AC operation can fade into the background since you were so used to the system running. 

However, if you do happen to notice the air conditioner is turning on and staying on for an extended period of time or turning on and off over and over again without ever staying on long enough to be effective, that’s a red flag you need to call for service. Your AC may be struggling to cool your home down and cycle the way it was designed to, ultimately adding stress to the unit. Ignoring these problems could lead to a total breakdown.

Unexpected Energy Cost Increases

It is completely normal for your energy costs to fluctuate over a year. When summer is at its peak, you’ll probably experience higher than normal energy costs, especially if you tend to set your thermostat lower than 78° for cooling – which is the recommendation from the U.S. Department of Energy. 

But if you don’t make too many adjustments down on your thermostat, your energy costs shouldn’t fluctuate significantly. If you notice increasing energy bills without an explanation, your air conditioner may be losing efficiency. Having one of our technicians check it out is a great way to stay ahead of your air conditioner breaking down completely or continuing to operate in a way that is costing you more and more money each month.

Contact Sound Heating and Air Conditioning Inc. today to schedule an appointment for AC repair in Auburn, WA. We take your comfort as seriously as you do.

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