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How to Prepare Your Home for New AC Installation

If it’s time to install a new air conditioner in your house, congratulations! It’s exciting to look forward to a brand-new HVAC system that is highly efficient and ready to cool your home for the next 10 to 15 years. You’re investing in the peace of mind of knowing that your new unit has a long lifespan ahead of it and a manufacturer’s warranty to cover any unexpected repair needs.

But how do you prepare for the installation appointment? There are a few things that you can do in advance of a new air conditioning installation in Federal Way, WA to prepare for the appointment. Keep reading to learn our tips for preparing your home and family for the day of an AC installation. 

Plan to Be Home

Your first step is to clear your schedule so that you can be at home for the installation. There’s nothing specific you have to do, but it’s a good idea for you to be around. We may have to access various areas of your home, especially once your new AC is hooked up and we need to test airflow through the vents. We would prefer for you to be home so that if we have questions or need to pivot in some way on the installation, you’re right there and we can talk to you about it.

Clear the Way

It’s also a good idea to clear space for our team to work in. If there is furniture or other belongings in the area surrounding the indoor portion of your air conditioning unit, move those items out of the way. The same goes for outdoor furnishings that might be near your outdoor unit.

Remember to clear the pathways from your front door or gate to these areas as well so we don’t have to maneuver around belongings. This helps our team to work more efficiently during the installation.

Make Plans for Kids and Pets

It’s also a good idea to make accommodations for your children and pets for the entirety of the installation. Both children and pets can be very curious, and while our team is very diligent about safety, AC installation is not a place for children and pets to be. You can keep them in a separate area of your home away from the installation or ask a friend or family member to keep them for the day.

Expect the Unexpected

Even the most well-laid plans can get foiled sometimes. Ahead of installation, our team will complete a thorough investigation of your existing air conditioning system and the attached ductwork. But unfortunately, surprises do pop up from time to time. After taking out your old unit, we may find additional items that need to be repaired or replaced, like electrical connections or other attachments. 

It’s important for you to be mentally prepared that AC installation can be more involved than you plan for. Just go ahead and expect the installation to be an all-day process, and be ready to make any necessary decisions about how we may need to tweak the installation. Of course, our team will be equally prepared. We’ve seen it all, we’ve done it all, and we are ready to offer you the best installation experience possible.

Contact Sound Heating and Air Conditioning Inc. today to schedule an appointment for AC installation! We take your comfort as seriously as you do.

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