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How Zone Control Can Make Your Air Conditioning System Better

Summer is fast approaching, and everyone is scrambling to get their homes ready for the hottest months of the year. One popular method for preparing for summer is to schedule air conditioning maintenance. That’s a good idea, but it’s not the only one. If you have a central air conditioner installed in your home, you should consider installing a zone control system to improve it. Read on to find out how a zone control system can make your air conditioner more efficient.

Zone Control

A zone control system is composed of a number of dampers, which are installed at certain points in the ducts of your home. These dampers can open or close to direct the flow of air through your home’s ducts. Each damper has its own thermostat, which is installed in the closest room. When one of these thermostats detects a need for air conditioning, it opens the appropriate dampers and activates the AC system. This method essentially allows you to direct your air conditioner’s output to different parts of the home as you see fit.

Advantages of Zone Control

Zone control solves the primary problem with centralized forced-air conditioning systems: their output. A central AC can only be on or off, and can’t normally change how much cool air goes to each part of the house. This leads to massive discrepancies, like hot and cold spots where rooms will cool off or warm up faster than the rest of the home. Empty rooms also end up having a lot of energy wasted on them. A zone control system solves these problems by allowing you to choose exactly which parts of the home your air conditioner will serve at any given time.

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