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When Is It Time for a New AC?

An air conditioning technician welds a connection prior to installing AC unit.No machine or piece of equipment lasts forever, and your air conditioner is no exception. No matter how well it’s constructed or cared for, it has a limited lifespan. And when it approaches the end of that lifespan, it’s a good idea to have the system replaced before it suffers from a complete breakdown. There’s not a whole lot worse than being trapped on a hot day with no immediate relief in sight. And the hottest days of summer are when your air conditioner is more likely to malfunction, given the stress that it’s under.

During the final months, or even years, of a dying air conditioner’s service life, that failing system will waste energy, and thus waste money. We’re here to help diagnose air conditioning issues. Yours may be able to get by with another repair. However, be sure to ask about our options for AC installation in Tacoma, and read up on the signs of a dying air conditioner so you can replace yours sooner rather than later.

How Old Is Your AC?

This is probably the clearest indication of an air conditioner that needs to be replaced soon. The manufacturer of your cooling system sets a service life estimate for it—typically the period covered by the warranty. Generally speaking, a central air conditioner that undergoes moderate use (standard for a Tacoma summer), will last 10–15 years if you keep up on maintenance. Any system older than 15 years is likely a good candidate for replacement.

Noisy While Running

One of the goals of air conditioning manufacturing is to develop systems that operate as quietly as possible. So if you start to notice noise coming from the air conditioner, it means something is wrong. One strange noise here or there probably indicates a repair need. However, if you are constantly hearing grinding and clanging, it’s a sign of a system that’s wearing down—and it’s time for a new one.

Increased Energy Bills

An air conditioner that receives routine annual maintenance should be able to retain 95% of its energy efficiency rating throughout its service life. When it comes to the end of that service life, the efficiency will drop, and that will result in a spike in your energy bills. Go ahead and take a look at your cooling costs over the past few years. Is there a steady upward trend? Then you likely have a failing air conditioner.

Frequent, Costly Repairs

It’s pretty rare that an air conditioner will last its entire lifespan without ever requiring repairs. However, there’s a point where an air conditioner requires repairs that are expensive enough to make it no longer worth the investment. Or perhaps your air conditioner has required multiple repairs over the course of a year when it should really only need one repair every couple of years. The general rule of thumb when it comes to repairs is that if your next AC repair is going to cost half of what your system is worth, it makes more economic sense to replace the system.

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