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Why Going Ductless Might Be Right for You

modern-ductless-air-handler-in-white-living-roomSummer seems to be extra warm this year, and we’re probably all looking forward to fall and cooler temperatures. But it’s definitely not time to turn off our air conditioners in favor of that cooler weather just yet, right? That said, how’s your cooling system operating this season?

If it hasn’t been operating at what you feel is its best, you shouldn’t have to settle for this. It could be time to consider an upgrade! And if you’ve been using a traditional central air conditioner all this time, you should know that there are other options out there, such as ductless air conditioning (and heating). Curious to know more and find out if going ductless is right for you? Read on!

What Does It Mean to Go Ductless?

You might be wondering what exactly a ductless mini-split air conditioner and heater actually is. They’re growing in popularity, but still aren’t that common, so we understand if you’re not completely familiar with them. Read on to learn more!

Ductless systems operate on heat pump technology. This means that they both cool and heat homes from the same unit. They’re a little different from traditional heat pumps though, because instead of having a single indoor air handler that distributes air through vents into the entire home, they have up to 4 indoor air handlers that can be operated independently of one another.

Why is this a good thing? Well because it’s way more efficient than using a standard air conditioner or even a heat pump–if you only want to cool (or heat) one or two rooms, you can!

But Is It Right for You?

You may be able to find a lot of online articles ironing out the details of ductless mini-split systems online, but most online resources miss the mark in one area–they do not specify how this system can actually work for you. Read on to learn how!

It Increases Your Comfort

We all have those trouble spots in our household that seem to stay cold no matter how much you run your heater, or hot no matter how much you run your AC. Sometimes, certain spots in your home need more attention! A ductless system can resolve this for you, as you’ll be able to have air handlers installed exactly where you want and need them, whereas you won’t have this flexibility with ductwork.

It Saves You Money

This is one of the main reasons many homeowners invest in ductless air conditioning and heating these days. When you’re able to cool and heat your home where you need to rather than turning on a centralized unit and cooling or heating the entire home, you’ll save considerable energy, and subsequently save money. It’s far more affordable to circulate conditioned air through the rooms you’re actually occupying than through the entire home. This is especially true on milder days or if you have family members with drastically different cooling and heating preferences from you.

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