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Why You Should Trust Professionals to Install Your Zone Control System

A zone control system is a great way to improve your air conditioning and heating systems. It provides a much finer degree of control over your climate, especially in terms of differences from room to room. As great as a zone control system is, however, it is not a system that should ever be installed by anyone but a professional. If you’re tempted to install a zone control system all by yourself, read on for an explanation of why you should always trust a professional instead.

Electrical Work

A zone control system is connected to the home’s power grid. It is wired both to the air conditioning system, and to the individual thermostats that control its various dampers. Any electrical work in your home should only ever be handled by a professional. There is an incredible amount of power flowing through your home’s power grid. If improperly handled, it could easily cause injury or death. For this reason, you should never handle electrical work yourself.

Air Flow Problems

Zone control systems change the flow of air through your ducts, which is the whole point. However, your air conditioner and your ducts were likely not designed to deal with those changes. This can lead to issues associated with forcing too much or too little air through the ducts, depending on their size. If the ducts are too narrow to handle the increased air pressure, your system will become noisier and less efficient. There are a number of methods to solve this problem, but all of them involve some serious modifications, either of the ductwork or of the zone control system itself. This is another reason to trust a professional to install your zone control system.

If you need a zone control system installed, call Sound heating. We install zone control systems throughout Tacoma, WA.

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