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Your First Air Conditioner: What You Should Know Before Installation Service

An air conditioning system is a major purchase, which can add value to your home as well as providing you with cool, comfortable conditions when the temperature starts to rise. In Tacoma, air conditioning systems help us get through the muggy days of summer. When the time comes for installation, you want the process to take place smoothly and professionally. Here are some things you should know before your installation service begins.

  • Pick the right location. Your new air conditioning system needs to be properly placed in order to function correctly. The outdoor unit should stand clear of bushes and trees, while providing enough space for the vents and fans to do their work. If possible, it needs to go somewhere that dampens the noise so it doesn’t disturb you or your neighbors. Inside your home, ductwork needs to be placed in areas that receive air conditioning; if you have to place ducts elsewhere (like the attic) the ducts themselves need to be well-insulated. The thermostat should be placed in an area that accurately reads the temperature, away from breezeways, windows and sunny spots.
  • Size the air conditioning system properly. Your AC system needs to be the correct size for your space. If it’s too small, it will labor to cool the house and cost you more in energy bills. If it’s too large, it will stop and start rapidly, which also costs you energy. Make sure the BTU/hour (British Thermal Units per hour) level of the AC system is appropriate to cover the square footage in your home.
  • Make sure your installer is a professional. The technician performing the installation should conduct each step with care and precision. He’ll double-check his work, use quality components for sealing and securing the unit, and set the air flow rate to the level specified by the AC unit in question. He’s also charge the refrigerant levels to their proper levels and run the air conditioning unit to make sure it’s working as it should.

For professional air conditioning installation service in Tacoma, talk to the experts at Sound Heating. We treat air conditioning issues in Tacoma, WA, and take pride in our professionalism and know-how. Contact us today to set up an appointment.

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