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How Is Your Furnace Heat Exchanger Holding Up?

Were you aware that the heat exchanger is the component that allows your furnace to function as a heater? Is yours in good shape? If you haven’t had maintenance done yet to prepare for fall and winter, then you are doing yourself a disservice.

A crack developing along the heat exchanger is a significant safety concern when it comes to a gas furnace. Should you discover you have this issue, you’ll want to call for immediate professional repairs. But why is it so important? Keep reading to learn more.

What Does Your Heat Exchanger Do?

The heat exchanger of your furnace is a metal chamber shaped like a clam. The function of this component is to collect the hot combustion gas from the burner and transfer the heat to its metal walls, where it transfers to the current of air from the blower. What this does is keep fumes from the combustion gas away from the air that moves into your ventilation system. Once the combustion gas cools down, it vents out of the heat exchanger and then safely up the exhaust flue and out of your home.

How Does the Heat Exchanger Get Damaged?

Gas furnaces don’t use water, but corrosion and rust can still start forming in an aging furnace due to the natural reaction between the metal and the combustion gases. When corrosion starts on any part of your furnace, it’s typically a sign that the furnace has aged past its usefulness and is ready for replacement.

Corrosion doesn’t only affect old furnaces—newer furnaces can experience this problem if there’s an issue with proper exhaust venting. Once corrosion forms on the exchanger, the weakening across the metal and the force of the exchanger expanding as it heats up creates cracks. Be sure to stay aware of the condition of your furnace and call for repairs right away should you see signs of corrosion or other damage.

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