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How Maintenance Can Help Avoid Heat Pump Repair


If you have a heat pump system in your home, then you know how beneficial the unit is. You have all-in-one heating and cooling without having to have a separate heater and air conditioner in your home. You simply flip a switch and the system moves effortlessly between the two settings.

But you still need to keep up with maintenance on your heat pump in order for it to maintain that effortless level of functionality that you enjoy. If you need to schedule maintenance or heat pump repair in Federal Way, WA, our team is here to help. In the meantime, you can keep reading to learn more about the ways that heat pump maintenance can help you avoid repairs in the future.

How Often Do I Need Heat Pump Maintenance?

Heat pump systems are different from other types of air conditioners and heaters because they are an all-in-one solution. The same exact components that provide cooling for your home in the summer also provide heat in the winter. This means that the system is running around the clock all year long to keep your home comfortable.

While you would otherwise schedule maintenance once each year for your heater and once each year for your air conditioner, you do need to schedule maintenance twice per year for your heat pump. It’s the same amount of maintenance, just for a single system. 

Benefits of Heat Pump Maintenance

Investing in heat pump maintenance twice per year is how you avoid more expensive repairs later on. When you skip out on maintenance, you’re more likely to have problems with your heat pump. But when you keep up with maintenance, you are far less likely to experience problems. Plus, your heat pump can last far longer than the average lifespan would otherwise be.

Energy Efficiency

You may not think that energy efficiency has much to do with preventing repairs. The amount of energy that your heat pump consumes doesn’t have anything to do with repairs, does it? The short answer is, yes, energy efficiency can impact repairs.

The more energy that your heat pump needs to operate, the harder it is working. When your heat pump needs less energy to operate, it isn’t working as hard and it takes on less wear and tear. When parts wear down faster, it’s more likely that you will need to invest in repairs as the years go by.

Annual maintenance helps with energy efficiency because we can make tiny tweaks to your system over its entire lifespan to keep it as energy efficient as possible. We can tighten screws and check that all of your components are working together smoothly. If we need to lubricate gears and wipe away dust, we will. Just think, if your heat pump could use 25% less energy, that’s 25% less wear and tear that it is taking on.  

Preventing Breakdowns

The bottom line is that even with AC maintenance you are going to need to make repairs to your heat pump. The difference is that you’re making the repairs during a scheduled time that’s convenient for you. Waiting for your air conditioner to break down until you call for service just means that the damage is going to be worse, the repair bills are going to be higher, and your heat pump lifespan will be negatively impacted.

Contact Sound Heating and Air Conditioning Inc. today to schedule an appointment for AC service! We take your comfort as seriously as you do.

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