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3 Options for Hydronic Installation

Hydronic heating is a form of radiant heating, warming the space by transferring energy directly rather than depending upon blown air the way traditional gas furnaces do.  In the case of hydronic system they use heated water to do it, which makes for a very effective and efficient form of heat. In Washington towns like Puyallup, heating installation services can set up a hydronic system very easily, and considering the challenges our wet climate makes for keeping homes cozy and warm, a good hydronic system could be the perfect fit for your home. But not all hydronic systems are alike, and you should have some idea of which types are available so as to make the most informed decision.

Here are 3 options for hydronic installation in Puyallup, WA:

  • Underfloor tubing. This type of system installs a series of tubes directly beneath the floorboards of the room, along with a series of heat-conducting panels. They warm the room directly through the furnishings (and feet) in the room. Installation tends to be quite complex, but when it’s complete, the resulting system is hidden from sight and takes up very little space The thorough coverage provided by the system means that heating is very even as well.
  • Baseboard heaters. Baseboard heaters are easier to install than underfloor tubing. They involve baseboards placed along the base of the wall, pulling in cool air from the room and heating it via a series of pipes and tubes circulating hot water. The downside is that they’re more obtrusive and don’t quite heat the room as evenly as underfloor tubing. But they’re easy to maintain and don’t cost as much to install.
  • Hydronic boilers. Boilers are the oldest and most familiar form of hydronic heater, using a centralized boiler to heat the water, which then circulates to radiators and similar components via pipes. They’re simpler to install than other types of hydronic system, though they can still be quite obtrusive and aren’t always as efficient as heating the home.

Regardless of the options for hydronic installation you choose, the experts at Sound Heating can help. We operate in Puyallup, heating installation includes hydronic systems, and we’re dedicated to you complete satisfaction at every turn. Give us a call today and let us show you what we can do!

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