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Are You in Need of Boiler Repairs?

While daytime temperatures are still relatively mild, our nighttime temperatures have started to drop steadily, and you may have turned on your boiler already for the first time this heating season. Hopefully you’ve had the system maintained in the last year and have no issues to be concerned about.

Typically, a boiler will encounter less repair issues than other types of heating system, mainly because they have less moving mechanical parts. But no boiler is 100% invulnerable. Keep reading to learn about some signs that you may be in need of boiler repairs.

Rumbling Sounds

Any odd noise coming from your heating system is going to be a cause for concern. For a boiler, the most common warning sound you’ll hear is a rumbling coming from the tank. This is usually indicative of a boiler that’s about to overheat, or a broken expansion tank. Should you hear this noise, be sure to shut off the boiler until one of our technicians can reach your home to check it out.


One thing you should never see around the base of your boiler is a puddle of water. This means that you have a leak, which could be from damaged connectors, corrosion, or a rise in pressure. A leak needs to be repaired as soon as possible to prevent further boiler damage and property damage.


Boilers are built in a way to resist corrosion. Specifically, an anode rod is inserted in the system to absorb any rust and corrosion that would occur in the system. So if you do notice any corrosion in or on the boiler itself, this typically means the anode rod has been used up.

Unfortunately, by the time you notice boiler corrosion, it usually means you have to replace the system. Keeping up on maintenance is essential to avoiding this.

Uneven Heating

Have you ever noticed heat loss in certain areas of your home? This might be a sign of frozen pipes in your boiler system. While it’s too early in the season to worry about that, this is something you want to keep in mind as winter approaches. Be sure that your boiler is ready for the season by scheduling maintenance today.

Contact Sound Heating for your Gig Harbor, WA boiler repairs today. We take your comfort as seriously as you do!

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