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Finding the Source of Furnace Issues

Discovering that your furnace has failed this time of the year is a problem that no Washington homeowner wants to face. The best way to prevent this is by scheduling routine heating maintenance each year, to ensure that the system is fully inspected and cleaned to avoid any breakdowns.

But even with diligent care, a furnace may still run into issues. We’ve mentioned a few of the most common below, including what the sources of such issues might be.

Uneven Heating

Perhaps you are getting the right amount of heat throughout your home, but notice that there are one or two cold spots throughout the living space. This is actually a pretty common problem that we receive service calls for. When you have a furnace—a ducted system—this problem is most likely an airflow issue due to damaged ductwork.

Plus, if you are using zoned heating, then you might have a problem with one of your electronically controlled dampers. Another source of cold air coming from your vents is a thermostat malfunction or some other issue within your ducts. Whatever the case may be, it’s important to follow up with a professional repair technician right away to get it taken care of.

High Utility Bills and Insufficient Heating

If you notice a sudden rise in your energy bills without a corresponding increase in the use of your furnace, then you may be dealing with a mechanical problem, or experiencing heat loss from your ductwork. This could lead to a more serious problem, so be sure to have it taken care of right away to prevent premature system failure or other operational problems.

If your high energy bills are coupled with insufficient heating, this could be a particularly frustrating issue. There are a number of possible reasons this may be happening, but one thing is for sure—it’s pointless to pay good money for heating that you aren’t receiving!

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