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Frequently Asked Heating Questions

A professionally installed and maintained heater is a technological marvel. Today’s furnaces, boilers, and heat pumps are highly efficient, and they perform well under even the coldest winter temperatures. But homeowners throughout the Bellevue, WA area often ask about their home heating systems. We understand that you probably have some questions and concerns about how your heater operates. We believe a well-informed client is a good thing: it allows you to identify problems before they become serious, and it gives you some info to impress your friends and family. We’d like to address some frequently asked heating questions in this post. For more information, or to schedule a Bellevue WA heating service, contact the experts at Sound Heating today!

  • What is a programmable thermostat? If you haven’t yet taken advantage of a digital programmable thermostat, then you’re missing out on fully customizable temperature control as well as improved energy efficiency, up to $180 per year, according to the EPA. A programmable thermostat is not only more accurate, but it allows you to create a schedule for your heating and cooling systems, so that you don’t pay for unnecessary energy usage while staying comfortable.
  • Is there anything I can do to maintain my heater? Yes! You can start by cleaning and replacing your air filter at least once a month during the peak heating season. The air filter is responsible for preventing dust and debris accumulation, both of which can negatively impact the efficiency and effectiveness of your heater. You can also make sure to keep and the area surrounding your heater clean and clear.
  • What’s a heat pump? A heat pump is a highly efficient heat transfer machine. Unlike a furnace, the heat pump draws on the ambient thermal energy of the outside air, which is available even during cold temperatures. It works just like an air conditioner, except that instead of only being able to remove heat from your home, it also works the other way. However, it can become inefficient at temperatures below 35°, so people often pair a furnace with a heat pump to maximize performance and efficiency.

To reach a Bellevue, WA heating specialist, feel free to contact Sound Heating today!

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