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Have You Scheduled Furnace Maintenance Yet This Season?

Technician looking over a gas furnace with a flashlight before cleaning it.Temps are already beginning to cool down drastically this fall. If you aren’t already using your heating system on a daily basis, chances are you will be very soon. If you have a furnace keeping your household warm, has it been tuned up recently?

We typically recommend that this service is completed before the cold weather hits, but it’s more important that you have it done once a year than at a particular time of year. Routine furnace maintenance is one of the most important Tacoma heating services you can invest in, especially if it’s a gas-powered system. Read on for some of the advantages that getting your furnace maintained every year grants you.

A Safer System

This is the most important factor of furnace maintenance, especially if it is a gas-powered heating system we’re talking about! The last thing you need is to worry that your furnace can become a danger during the winter.

During your furnace maintenance appointment, our highly trained technicians run through inspection checks that locate places where your furnace might develop safety hazards, like a cracked heat exchanger or a loose gas line. The peace of mind may be worth it all on its own.

Repair Prevention

When temperatures drop this winter, you shouldn’t have to scramble to call for repairs just because your furnace as abruptly stopped working. This scenario is a lot less likely to happen when you have regular maintenance done on the system.

We want to help you avoid problems by ensuring you have a reliable furnace, and thorough tune-ups are the way we make sure this happens. Professional maintenance also prevents smaller repair needs and inconveniences that can add up in both money and time wasted. In fact, keeping up with routine maintenance can prevent up to 85% of the repairs a furnace may need throughout its service life.

Help Your System Last Longer

Speaking of service life, naturally you want your furnace to last as long as the manufacturer promises it will, right? Well, this can only be guaranteed if you take proper care of your heating system. That means having maintenance done so you can avoid big breakdowns and premature system replacements that you probably didn’t budget for or expect to happen this soon.

Keep Heating Costs Down

A furnace, or any heating system, that doesn’t get a routine tune-up and cleaning will begin to wear down faster than it otherwise would have. With problems like extra friction on the motors and burners—causing them to struggle to produce enough heat—your furnace will drain more power just to run.

This causes an increase in your heating bills. But proper maintenance can help a furnace retain 95% of its energy efficiency rating through most of its lifetime by keeping it well-adjusted, clean, and up to date on repairs.

Contact Sound Heating today! We take your comfort as serious as you do. This means making sure your heater works as efficiently, effectively, and safely as possible.

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