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Tips for Helping Your Furnace Perform Better

checklist animationIt may not be winter yet, but with temperatures already on a cooling trend, it’s a good reminder that we’ll soon be using our home heating systems on a regular basis. And having a reliable heating system is just the start—you want it to work efficiently, too. Our colder temperatures last too long and it’s just too chilly to be overpaying on your energy bills.

Sure, you could contact our team for professional Tacoma heating services, such as repair or replacement, but neither of these may be necessary, particularly if your heater is less than a decade old. There are a number of things you can do besides servicing your heater or furnace that could help boost its efficiency and lower your utility bills as a result.

Upgrade Your Thermostat!

This may seem like a small part of your heater, but it has a big job. And upgrading this little component can do a lot for your heater’s efficiency. It’s an essential part of both your cooling and heating system, as it is the device through which you communicate with either system. Upgrading to even the most basic digital thermostat, or even better, a programmable thermostat, can help you achieve more affordable comfort.

Install Weatherstripping

The heat from your furnace or heat pump can easily escape through cracks in your doors and windows. This means your house will be losing energy that you’re otherwise paying for. Consider investing in weatherstripping to seal your windows and doors, and to make sure that the heat in your home stays in your home.

Use Your Ceiling Fans

There’s a trick when it comes to your ceiling fans that not many homeowners know about. You already understand that during the summer, you can use your ceiling fans to help distribute the cool air from your air conditioner to cool off the room more efficiently. But did you know you can literally flip this concept in the winter? That’s right, there is a switch on the fan itself you can flip that reverses the direction of the fan blades so you can use your ceiling fans to better distribute heat.

Never Skip Maintenance!

We really can’t stress this enough. Scheduling routine tune-ups for your heating system if the best way to make sure it works as effectively and efficiently as possible, for as long as it is meant to.

During your heating maintenance appointment, our pros will fully inspect your heater for any signs of disrepair, we’ll make necessary adjustments, and we will thoroughly clean the system. Each of these steps ensures your heater will perform at its best.

So when should you schedule this service? It’s typically recommended you have it done in the fall. The reason for this is HVAC technicians are less likely to have packed schedules and you can schedule the service at your own convenience. Plus, this is the time of year when you won’t need your heater quite yet, so you don’t need to worry about an interruption in service. But truthfully, when you schedule your heating maintenance is less important than how often you schedule it—be sure to schedule yours at least once a year.

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