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Heating Tip: Heating Your Home Efficiently in Extreme Cold Weather

Are you looking for more ways to heat your home more efficiently during extreme cold weather? Call the Tacoma heating professionals at Sound Heating to provide you with tips and expert advice.

First, take a look at a few tips we’ve put together on ways to save energy and heat your home more efficiently.

Insulating and Sealing Your Home

Many homeowners don’t realize that their homes need to be better insulated and sealed. If you have never had an energy audit, call your utility company. They may be able to provide this service for you, but there are plenty of home energy professionals out there who offer audits. Once you know the areas that need improvement, then you can take the first steps to improving your home’s overall efficiency.

Small Heating Upgrades

Have you ever considered a simple upgrade for your heating system, such as a wireless or programmable thermostat? Any new digital thermostat will provide more accurate readings, and programmable thermostats have set back features to help you save on heating costs when you aren’t using your heater. Wireless models prevent “ghost readings” since they can be installed anywhere in the home for more accurate results. We also install energy recovery ventilators (ERV) to help ventilate your home more efficiently in the winter.

Consider Zone Control

Have you ever thought about why you heat your entire home when you are only using certain parts of your home at all times? Heating the attic or rooms that are not occupied can waste energy, and with zone control, you can heat only the areas that need heat. We can retrofit your current forced air system to give you these results.

Call the Tacoma heating experts at Sound Heating for more advice. Contact Sound Heating anytime.

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