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Heating Tip: Smart Thermostat Options

Many people in Tacoma underestimate the effect that their thermostat can have on the efficiency of their heater and air conditioner. An improperly placed or poorly calibrated thermostat can wind up costing you more money for less performance from your home comfort systems. Likewise, a quality thermostat properly used can help boost energy efficiency. Smart thermostats have many features that allow you more control over the way in which energy is used in your home. If you’re considering upgrading to a smart thermostat here are some features you may want to consider.

  • Programmable Features: There are a lot of programmable thermostats on the market allowing you to create different temperature control programs and schedules. This lets you maintain specific temperatures throughout different times of the day without having to be at home, even when away on vacation. You can come home to a comfortable environment without having to run your home comfort systems at high levels throughout the day to do so. Smart thermostats offer more programmable features with many added capabilities.
  • Remote Temperature Control: If programmable settings aren’t offering you as much control as you’d like over your heater and air conditioner, many smart thermostats allow you to access your system remotely using a laptop or even your smart phone. Adjust temperature settings no matter where you are in real time for true home comfort control.
  • Track Energy Usage: If you want to see exactly where your utility costs are being used a smartphone can help you do so. By tracking energy use in your home you can determine where inefficiency is a problem and energy is being wasted. Use this energy to fix problems and decrease energy costs.
  • Occupancy Detection Sensors: Some smart thermostats have the option of controlling temperatures on their own. With occupancy detection sensors your smart thermostat can determine when rooms are unoccupied or even when occupants are sleeping and will adjust the temperature accordingly. This takes manually setting your thermostat out of the equation.
  • Review Energy Reports: Your new smart thermostat can provide you with valuable information, compiling energy use data over a period of time, as much as 10 days on some models. Use this information to better understand your home heating and cooling habits. Look for recurring energy spikes or wastefulness, tweak your habits, and save energy.

When properly used a smart thermostat can be a great tool in the fight for energy efficiency. If you have any questions about their function or available models in your area call Sound Heating & Air Conditioning. We have the information you need to start heating and cooling your home more efficiently.

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