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Heed These Signs You Need Heating Repair

checklist-with-red-markerNobody likes to repair their heating system. It is especially annoying if it comes as a surprise. There are usually warning signs before a heating system stops working, which we’ll cover below. Keeping on top of the health of your heating system will prevent you from being caught with a broken system when you need it most.

When you do need heating repair in Kent, WA the team at Sound Heating and Air Conditioning Inc. will fix the problem.

Nasty Smells

Normally your heating system provides warmth without a stench. New smells and nasty smells are warning signs that something is wrong. Burning smells could mean fried wires or other electrical issues. Gas smells from a gas furnace mean a serious problem. Exit the home and call your utility company right away.

Unexpected Sounds

All homes have their natural sounds. Your furnace blends into this daily symphony. When things are out of tune it might be time for a professional tune-up. 

Shrieking sounds may come from a motor bearing wearing out. Grinding indicates lubrication is required. A cracked heat exchanger makes clicking sounds. Loose components will rattle. A technician will make the correct diagnosis and repair the problem before an emergency breakdown happens. 

Low Airflow

Airflow from your vents needs to be strong to fill the entire space with heat. Weak airflow indicates a problem with the blower, a potentially clogged air filter, or air ducts that need attention. 


Your heat system has a consistent rhythm of turning on and off. When it is out of rhythm it may turn on and off rapidly and frequently. This is called short-cycling. Something is triggering your system to shut off too soon. The system won’t be on long enough to send heat throughout the whole house. You may develop cold spots in rooms furthest from the furnace since the system isn’t on long enough to push heat the full distance.

Increased Energy Bills

Homeowners assume high energy bills are due to the utility service prices. You wouldn’t be the first person to start exploring alternative energy providers. However, high heating bills may be due to problems with your heat system. 

Broken parts, clogged air filters, or problems with your ductwork makes your system work harder. A hard-working system consumes more energy than a system working at optimal efficiency. This will reflect in your monthly bill. Rather than complain to your utility company, take a moment to check for the warning signs discussed in this blog. It may be time to call a professional for maintenance or possibly repair.

Even with the above knowledge, it can be tricky to diagnose an inefficient or soon to be inoperable heat system without the right knowledge and experience. Qualified technicians have the training and qualifications to conduct this diagnosis as well as repairs. Remember, too, that your safety is important! Without the proper experience, the risk for injury is too high. 

Reach out to Sound Heating and Air Conditioning Inc. today for reliable heating repair in Kent, WA.

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