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It’s Not Too Late! Prevent Heating Repairs Today

jets-of-gas-furnaceHave you scheduled your heating maintenance appointment yet? The ideal time to do this is typically at the beginning of fall, in order to get your tune-up in before temperatures drop too low and you need your heating system the most. But it’s more important that you have this service done consistently, so if you haven’t yet scheduled your tune-up, now is the time!

Heating maintenance is what’s going to keep your system in good shape this season, and help fend off the worst of repair needs. It’s never a bad idea to have maintenance done—it’s a necessity, not a luxury. We do understand why heating maintenance may seem unnecessary, especially if nothing is apparently wrong with your heater right now—but we’d like to help your heater stay that way. So read on, and discover some of the best benefits of heating maintenance:

Improved Comfort

What’s one thing you really want this winter? We’re not talking about a holiday gift, but rather something you will use every day. Would it be accurate to say you want to be warm and comfortable in your home?

Imaging coming inside from a chilly evening, only to be met with more cool air once you’re inside. Ensuring that you schedule heating maintenance is key to ensuring this won’t happen. Maintenance helps to keep your system performing at its best all winter long.

Better Efficiency

A properly maintained heating system is an efficient heating system. This is because heating maintenance works out all the minor problems with your heating system before they become a major issue.

During your maintenance appointment, our technicians will comprehensively clean and inspect your system. The cleaning takes away any debris that might be clogging up components of the heater that may restrict airflow. During the inspection part of maintenance, we look at any parts that might need tightening or adjusting, and check for small repair needs to tackle them before they become a problem.

All of this helps your furnace or heating system fend off wear and tear—it will still accumulate some natural wear and tear but maintenance will at least slow it down.

Longer Lifespan

Speaking of wear and tear—a heating system that wears down slower is going to last longer. In fact, you may even be able to double its lifespan. The average heater, when well-cared for, will last 10-15 years—even longer depending on the type of heater it is.

But when you let repair needs grow into big emergencies, a domino effect happens inside your heater, and wear and tear is accelerated, shortening the system’s overall lifespan.

Only Trust the Pros!

We understand what it’s like to be a homeowner in the Tacoma area. We always aim to provide our customers with prompt and thorough heating maintenance and HVAC services. We’re committed to helping your system keep you as comfortable as possible, as affordably as possible.

An amateur or general handyman simply cannot make this same type of claim. They also can’t guarantee that if something goes wrong, they’ll take care of it promptly.

Contact Sound Heating and Air Conditioning Inc. for professional heating maintenance in Tacoma, WA today! We take your comfort as serious as you do.

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