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It’s Never Too Late to Prevent Major Heater Repairs

standard wall clock isolated on white backgroundJust like any other big appliance or major piece of equipment in your home, your heating system needs a certain amount of service to be able to continue functioning as best it can. An integral part of this is making sure you stay on top of your annual maintenance appointments (or bi-annual, if you have a heat pump).

We may be well into winter, but it really is never too late for this service—in the absence of a complete system breakdown—and scheduling your heating maintenance appointment as soon as you can if you haven’t done so in the last year will help keep your heater in good working order throughout its lifespan.

Prevent Major Heating System Repairs

This is perhaps the biggest reason you should schedule maintenance. It’s during your maintenance appointment that our technicians will fully inspect your entire heating system, adjusting any components that need it.

During this, we can spot any small issues that need fixing and allow you to schedule Tacoma, WA heating repair services ASAP. This means avoiding bigger emergencies later on down the line. Though this is the main benefit of heating system maintenance, it’s not the only one!

Improve Your System’s Efficiency

You may be surprised by how much a simple maintenance and tune-up once a year can help with your system efficiency. An important factor to remember is even the newest, most efficient furnace or heating system loses a measure of its energy efficiency each year.

This isn’t typically something that’s noticeable right away, but over the years you’ll notice that your energy bills have gone up considerably, even if you are only using it as much as you ever were. You may think something like this is unavoidable and just comes with age. While it’s true that an aging heater will begin to suffer, efficiency-wise, the truth is you can maintain 95% of its efficiency by just getting it tuned-up on a routine basis.

Avoid Premature Heater Replacement

Staying on top of your heating system tune-ups extends not only the efficiency of the heater, but the overall lifespan of the system. This makes your initial investment go much farther and allows you to postpone replacement. This is great for your peace of mind, and also for your budget.

Give Yourself Peace of Mind

When you have your heating system checked on a regular basis, you know for certain that if any small problems crop up, you’ll be alerted to them. This gives you peace of mind in the middle of winter that your heater will not suddenly quit on you–so long as you follow up regular maintenance with any applicable repairs you were made aware of.

As you can see, there are a number of benefits to making sure you schedule regular maintenance. Additionally, it’s typically a fairly quick and—despite popular misconceptions—inexpensive process, pending any repair needs that may arise. In the long run, you’ll save more by investing in maintenance rather than skipping it, in the money you’ll save on operational costs.

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