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Sensible Tips to Reduce Your Heating Bill

No one likes to see a high heating bill, but in rainy towns like Olympia, heating costs are a fact of life. We all need warm comfortable spaces to come home to, and with the weather so cold and rainy during this part of the year, it’s only natural to see heating costs rise. With sensible planning and a little foresight, however, you can cut those costs a good deal. A few steps are obvious. For instance, you can set your thermostat a few degrees lower than you normally might and you can dress warmly inside. Beyond that, here are some sensible tips to reduce your heating bill.

  • Seal up leaks and cracks. You may notice that your door fits loosely in the frame, or that air leaks out of your window frames when you turn on the heat. They cost you in energy efficiency. You can correct the problem by sealing those cracks with weather stripping, available at any hardware store. You might also look into replacing your leaky window frames with vinyl siding, or buying double-paned windows.
  • Add insulation. Insulation helps retain heat, especially if you place it in the attic where most heat escapes. If you can, add a second layer of insulation, and look into adding more in your walls as well.
  • Upgrade your heating system. A trained technician can install new components to your existing system to help you cut down on heating costs. The most pertinent is a zone control system, which divides your home into sections and lets you individually heat or cool each one.  That allows you to turn off the heat in sections of the house you aren’t using. In addition, if you have an older thermostat, you might consider replacing it with a digital one, which lets your automatically turn the heat off and on to coincide with your daily departures and arrivals.

Sensible tips to reduce your heating bill should be applied along with regular maintenance and upkeep for your heating system from our professional Olympia heating system service techs. That will help reduce wasted energy and keep your heater functioning at its best. In Olympia, heating maintenance can be performed by the trained experts at Sound Heating. Call us today to see what we can do for you!

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