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It’s Time: Prep Your Heater for Cooler Weather!

tech-looking-over-inside-of-furnaceFall is here! With temperatures already cooling down, soon enough you’ll be using your heater on a regular basis. There are a number of things you can to ensure your home is ready for the colder temps. One of the top things you can do is make sure your heater gets its needed tune-up.

Keep reading to learn why heating maintenance is so important for the health of your furnace, heat pump, or boiler, and way it’s a good idea to have this service done now!

The Importance of Heating Maintenance

Many of the problems that can impact a heating system are the kind that you won’t even notice until they have already caused a good amount of damage. This is the main reason we don’t want you to wait for symptoms of a problem to show up before you address it. The best way to address it without waiting for symptoms to emerge is with preventive maintenance.

This gives our technicians the chance to closely inspect your system and isolate any issues that may be developing within. Then you have a chance to get repairs on your schedule before those small needs turn into bigger emergencies.

Maintenance can actually help you avoid up to 85% of the repairs a heating system may ever need in its lifespan, plus it can help your heater maintain about 95% of its original efficiency throughout its entire lifespan too. Investing in maintenance each year (for a furnace–heat pumps need twice-annual maintenance) can save you thousands of dollars in repair costs over the service life of your system. It really is important, however, that you are consistent with that maintenance.

With Maintenance, Consistency Is Key

The time of year you schedule preventive maintenance for your heater does have an effect on how effective that maintenance is for that particular season. For this reason, we typically recommend that you have your tune-up done in the fall. This ensures your heater is in its best possible shape before the heating season actually begins. Additionally, HVAC technicians are less likely to be out on emergency repair calls this time of year while temperatures are relatively mild.

Fall maintenance is also ideal because it enables you to take immediate advantage of the boost in efficiency that you get from that tune-up.

But like we said, consistency is key! It’s far better to get your tune-up later in the season than to not have it done at all. So if you come across this blog post in the beginning, or hey even in the middle, of winter and it’s been a year since your heater has been maintained, give our team a call.

Sure, you might not get as big of an efficiency bump this winter, but this consistency will ensure the system’s overall efficiency and performance will keep you comfortable at as low a cost as possible.

Contact Sound Heating and Air Conditioning Inc. today for quality Olympia, HVAC service! We take your comfort as serious as you do.

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