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What Happens During Heating Maintenance?

Last week, we discussed the importance of routine maintenance, and how it’s not too early to schedule an appointment for your heating system. If you wouldn’t skip an oil change and tune-up for your car, then you shouldn’t skip this important task for your home comfort system, either. Though we’ve certainly experienced some warm weather this summer, Washington is still not a place you want to be in the middle of winter with a malfunctioning heater.

Professional heating maintenance keeps your unit running as efficiently and effectively as possible, reducing the potential for costly repairs down the road. Contact our professionals for a complete tune-up and to learn more about what our services include. We’ve shared below the basics of what happens during your heating maintenance appointment.


This is perhaps the most important part of professional heater maintenance. It enables our highly trained technicians to look for any potential risk factors that can negatively affect your heater’s performance, as well as your safety. During the inspection, you’ll be informed of any urgent repair needs so you can schedule additional services as needed.

Thorough Cleaning

When the components of your heating system become dirty, they can’t perform as they should. Additionally, if a coil is blocked by a layer of dust then it might be unable to absorb heat from the outside air. Dirty burners can also create issues: they might not be able to generate the heat that’s needed.


Over the years, parts of your heating system might become loose or bent. As a result, they could need adjusting. Some of the components that might require this include a bent flame sensor, a loose panel, or possibly even a bent heat pump coil. If even one component is faulty, it can create a domino effect and affect the other system components.

At Sound Heating, we take your comfort as seriously as you do. Give us a call today to schedule your heater maintenance appointment in Tacoma, WA

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