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What Type of Indoor Air Quality Equipment Can Be Installed with My Heater?

A heating system that you can rely on during the coldest nights of the year is an important component of any home in Auburn, WA. Comfortable temperatures, though, while important, are not the only factor that you must consider when keeping your home comfortable. At Sound Heating we know that it is just as important that you are able maintain high indoor air quality in your home. There are many indoor air quality products that you can use in conjunction with your heating system to keep your home as comfortable as possible. Contact the Auburn heating technicians at Sound Heating & Air Conditioning today to learn more.

One of the most basic ways to improve indoor air quality is through air filtration. While your heating system comes with a factory installed air filter that must be changed regularly, this filter cannot be relied upon to improve indoor air quality. It is not efficient enough to do so, but is rather designed to protect your heating system itself from dirt and debris. By installing a more efficient air filter you can remove dirt, dander and other pollutants from the air circulated throughout your home by the ductwork of your heating system. Keep your home warm and comfortable without worrying about what else is traveling throughout the system.

An energy recovery ventilator is another great indoor air quality product that can be used with our home heating system. It is natural, during the heating season, to want to seal up your home as tightly as possible. After all, you do not want the air you have paid to heat escaping to the outdoors. However, sealing your home up too tightly can cause air to go stale due to a lack of ventilation. By ventilating your home and recovering heat that would be lost in the process otherwise, an energy recovery ventilator allows you to keep your air quality high and fresh without sacrificing comfort or efficiency.

For more information about how to improve indoor air quality in your home, call Sound Heating & Air Conditioning. We’ll make sure that you are able to enjoy high indoor air quality throughout the Auburn, WA heating season. Contact us today to learn more.

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