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Which is Better: An Electric or Gas Furnace?

question-markPreviously, we talked about the signs that will indicate it’s time to upgrade your furnace. This week, we explore the options you can consider for a furnace upgrade. 

You’ll have to consider multiple things when purchasing a new furnace for your home. Purchasing an inefficient system could lead to higher bills and frequent furnace repairs. 

The fuel source you choose to use should always align with your specific needs. In most instances, you’ll have a choice between an electric and a gas furnace. The furnace’s cost, durability, and effectiveness will all influence your decision. 

Not sure how to make your choice? Here’s what you’ll need to make an informed decision!

Electric Furnaces

Installation and Cost

Generally, electric furnace installation is much easier and cheaper than installing a gas furnace. However, you’ll need professional installation services given that you’ll be dealing with high voltage. Ensure that you use heavy-duty wiring when connecting the furnace to the electrical breaker box.

Although you won’t spend much at first, you will pay more for electricity than natural gas. An electric furnace will be suitable in areas with inexpensive electricity.

Maintenance and Safety

Annual inspections and tune-ups will help you maintain your furnace’s efficiency and effectiveness. Be sure to hire a professional to minimize your risk of exposure to high-voltage electricity. Generally, electric furnaces pose less risk to people living in the home. 

Durability and Efficiency

Regular maintenance and prompt repair ensure that your electric furnace serves you for up to 20 years. Also, these furnaces are easier to maintain and won’t always require professional maintenance once you begin operations. Besides, electric furnaces offer minimum disruptions to your home environment. On the flip side, electric heating may be inherently inefficient.  

Gas Furnaces

Installation and Cost

A natural gas furnace will cost you more than an electric furnace. However, you won’t pay much for natural gas, especially if your home has constant gas lines access. Regarding installation, you’ll need professional installation services to help you install large and complex systems. Overall, gas furnaces offer a better option for anyone considering cost-saving benefits only. 

Maintenance and Safety

Your natural gas furnace requires consistent maintenance to guarantee safety and efficiency. Regular maintenance reduces the stress on your gas furnace. Ensure that you work with an HVAC professional to guarantee proper maintenance.  

This furnace also produces carbon monoxide, among other harmful gases which leave your house via vents. If your heat exchanger is at fault, these gases can spell trouble. Essentially, you’ll need to watch these units more closely to avoid dangerous episodes.

Durability and Efficiency

Your gas furnace can serve you efficiently for close to 15 years with regular maintenance. However, compared to electric furnaces, gas furnaces deliver fast results. These furnaces heat up faster and maintain efficiency in really cold temperatures.  

Work with HVAC Professionals

A professional technician can assess your specific needs and help you choose an ideal furnace system for your home. 

Reach out to Sound Heating and Air Conditioning Inc. today for your Tacoma furnace service! We take your comfort as seriously as you do.

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