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Why You Need to Change Your Furnace Air Filter

hands-changing-air-filterOne of the crucial things in furnace maintenance is changing the air filters. If you haven’t done so in a long while, you might want to check it now. Most of the time, when a furnace is on, any slight changes in its overall performance are easily noticeable.

These changes can result in less comfortable air or lower performance output due to a defective filter. Since it is crucial to the comfort of your home, you should change your furnace air filter should at least after a month or two. Here’s why!

Lowers Your Energy Bill

Dirt and dust particles tend to add up in your furnace air filter faster than you can imagine. The longer it remains in use, the more it blocks the normal airflow of your HVAC system. That means your unit will work twice as hard to pump out the same amount of clean air and maintain the desired temperature at your home.

This results in using more, which translates to higher energy bills. Luckily, changing out the air filter regularly helps keep energy bills as low as possible.

Maximize the Life of Your Unit

Failing to replace your furnace air filters can lead you to a world of hurt. This is especially when your system burns out in the middle of the winter. A clogged air filter is often the cause of such problems, and it might not be easy to fix them.

However, proper care and maintenance, like changing the air filters, can help your unit last for up to 15 years. Better still, a well-skilled HVAC contractor can change the air filters in less than a minute that can save you from costly downtime expenses in the future.

Better Air Quality

You wouldn’t want your furnace to make you feel uncomfortable. A furnace can make your home warm beyond comfort or fail to function altogether because of the dust and grime buildup in the air filter. Luckily, you can easily avoid such problems with a clean air filter that better maintains your ideal temperatures.

A clean and well-maintained furnace also means good air quality for you and your family. This decreases the likelihood of sickness and helps regulate humidity, thus preventing mold growth.

Cleaner Home

Over time dust gathers around your counters, cabinets, desks, and more. Fortunately, you can alleviate this stress by frequently changing your furnace air filters. A clean air filter allows your unit to enhance air circulation in your home, preventing dust from sitting stagnantly. That means dusting your home less often.

Less Furnace Service Appointments

The more you neglect your furnace air filters, the more frequently you will be calling your contractor to make emergency repairs. This means more costs in the long run. These are things you can avoid by changing your air filter frequently enough.

You have one job when it comes to your furnace maintenance, which is regularly changing the air filters. As long as you do so, you will save money on energy bills and costly repairs while giving your family healthier living space.

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