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Can An Air Purifier Help With Mold In My PNW Home?

Mold is a concern no matter where you live. Anywhere in the country, including here in the Pacific Northwest, and even whether you have an older or newer home. Mold does not discriminate. You want to be prepared to prevent mold from ever happening but also address it when it does. 

One of the best ways to prevent mold is to invest in air purifiers in Federal Way, WA. Wondering how an air purifier can help with mold? Our team is here to help. You can keep reading to learn more about how mold growth happens, and why an air purifier may be your best defense against it. 

Understanding Mold

You might be surprised to learn that mold spores are absolutely always in the air around us. When you step outside and take a deep breath, you are probably breathing in mold spores. This is not necessarily dangerous unless you have a particularly strong allergy to mold.

But if the spores reach an area with the right atmosphere, they can quickly turn into a dangerous mold infestation. Mold typically grows in areas that are dark and damp. Mold spores can quickly multiply and spread, causing damage to the structure of your home and even posing risks to your health. 

The Role of an Air Purifier

You might be wondering, how does an air purifier help prevent a mold infestation in my home? Well, it all starts with those tiny spores in the air that you can’t even see. When you eliminate those spores from the air inside of your home they don’t have an opportunity to find that damp dark space to establish and spread. That’s the role of an air purifier. 

All of the air circulating through your home passes through your HVAC system to be filtered and either heated or cooled, depending on the time of year. A whole-house air purifier gets installed directly inside of your HVAC system at a point where all of the air has to pass by.

An air purifier then filters out more than 99% of the harmful particles in your air, including mold spores. With the spores eliminated, there is a much smaller chance that they will continue recirculating in your home until they find the perfect conditions to multiply and spread.

Identifying Mold

Mold is usually easy to identify if you can see it. But the problem with a mold infestation is that it is often out of sight. But a mold infestation anywhere in your home is going to increase the number of mold spores recirculating. These mold spores can produce a musty odor in the air. 

If you ever notice that the air coming from your vents smells damp or musty, that’s a red flag that you have mold developing somewhere. If you already have an existing mold infestation, an air purifier alone is not enough. You do need to address it with proper cleaning and maybe even repairs to any damage that the infestation caused. A great next step is to install an air purifier to prevent the problem from happening again and to improve your indoor air quality overall.

Contact Sound Heating and Air Conditioning Inc. today to schedule an appointment for indoor air quality services! We take your comfort as seriously as you do.

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