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How a Steam Humidifier Can Improve Your Indoor Air Quality

Humidity is a tricky thing. We often think of humidity as a bad thing, like when a day is both hot and humid. While high humidity certainly will make things uncomfortable in a lot of ways, low humidity can be just as bad. Your body relies on a certain level of moisture in the air, and if that moisture is absent it can result in some negative health effects. Read on to find out more about the problems associated with low humidity, and how a steam humidifier in your home can help.

Low Humidity

The biggest problem with low humidity is its effects on your health. Your body’s first line of defenses against infection by germs includes your skin and the mucus membranes in your nose. When there is too little moisture in the air, these defenses dry out and crack. This vastly inhibits their effectiveness, increasing the likelihood of you getting sick.

Low humidity can also cause wood products to become brittle, and much more easily damaged. This applies to furniture, books, and even the support studs in your walls. The longer you have low humidity in your home, the greater the damage will become.

Steam Humidifiers

The best way to address low humidity is with a whole house humidifier, of which a steam humidifier is one. A steam humidifier is a device that introduces moisture into your home’s air by vaporizing water into steam. The device is often installed in the ducts, so that it may treat all air being circulated throughout the house. The steam disperses into the air, carrying moisture with it. This corrects low humidity, and restores proper balance.

If you’d like to install a steam humidifier in your home, call Sound Heating. We install and service steam humidifiers throughout Tacoma, WA and the surrounding areas.

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