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Heating FAQ: Is Solar Heating Right for Me?

At Sound Heating & Air, we can go over the many benefits of solar heating in Tacoma, so if you are wondering if solar heating is right for your home, call us. We’ll make sure you get the most cost-effective solution for your heating needs. Installing a renewable energy heating system, such as a solar heating system, is a great way to save energy; however, they are not for all homes or situations.

Before you decide on solar heating, it’s a good idea to get a home energy audit to ensure that your home is properly insulated and sealed. This ensures that your home is ready for a high-efficiency system and that you will the most out of your investment. Choosing between a solar heating system and a different type of heating system really depends on the size and location and size of your home. Fuel costs are also factored in.

While you can get quite a bit of savings with a solar heating system, even be sure that the panels can be installed in an area that gets direct sunlight for long periods. Homes surrounded by trees or where it’s not practical to install solar panels may need a backup heater or a different type of heating system altogether.

Local building codes and the required routine maintenance are also factors to consider. Solar heating systems require a lot of routine maintenance, so ask yourself if it is worth it to you. Our installers are familiar with the building codes on solar installation, and we can go over the type of maintenance required.

Start saving energy today! Call the Tacoma solar heating experts at Sound Heating & Air to schedule a consultation. Contact Sound Heating & Air today!

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