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How to Prevent Solar Repair Sessions

Continual advances in solar technology have made the free power of the sun available to more and more homeowners. Solar power isn’t perfect, however. For all their major benefits, the photovalic cells of solar energy systems can sustain damage and require repairs or replacements. They need less repair work than systems with extensive mechanical parts, such as furnaces, but any problems they encounter need to be taken seriously with professional repair work.

We’ll show you some ways you can prevent needing to call for repairs for your solar energy system. But in the event that you do need solar repair service in Puyallup, WA, you can count on Sound Heating to come to your rescue. We have 24-hour emergency service available for your peace of mind.

How to keep your solar panels from needing repairs

The major concern with solar energy systems are the solar panels on the roof. Although built for durability (the cells contain no moving parts and most have an expected lifespan of more than 20 years according the U.S. Department of Energy), these panels can still suffer damage from weather conditions an aging. Heavy rain is a particular concern in the Puget Sound Area. The best way to make sure that the cells will not sustain water damage is with regular maintenance from solar energy professionals. It’s important to have a yearly inspection to discover places where cracking is occurring in the glass covering the cells (which can sometimes suffer damage due to hail or debris blown from high winds) that will allow rain water inside.

Maintenance will also look for dust and dirt that might interfere with the electrical relays from the panels. The Department of Energy estimates that solar energy systems for homes require about 16 hours per year of maintenance to keep them from breaking down. Although you could try some of the maintenance on your own, most of this will consist of basic cleaning of the glass surfaces. Have professionals take care of a good chunk of the time needed each year to keep the cells in their best shape and out of danger of needing serious repairs.

Maintenance is the key

You can’t do more to protect your solar cells that wouldn’t involve covering them up, which would destroy their effectiveness. To keep away repair needs, you should instead rely on regular professional maintenance. An annual maintenance job is not expensive, and it costs much less than the price of replacing damaged solar cells. You should still do some basic cleaning as well, but leave the rest to the experts.

Contact Sound Heating to schedule your annual visit for maintenance so you won’t need to later make an emergency call for solar repair in Puyallup, WA.

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