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Maintenance Steps for Your Solar Panels

Solar panel installation could be one of the smartest things you ever do, decreasing your dependence on costly heating systems and helping create a greener environment in the process. But like anything else, solar panels require maintenance to function as they should. Before contacting a qualified service representative to install your new panel, you should talk about maintenance steps for your solar panels with them. Here in Olympia, solar repair services are available from the same company that installs your panels, but the more maintenance you can do for yourself, the better your system will function over time.

When the time comes to conduct repairs on your solar panels, we’ll be there with an eye on your complete satisfaction every step of the way. Give us a call today and let us show you what we can do. You’ll be glad you did!

Here’s a quick rundown of maintenance steps

Most maintenance sessions should involve cleaning the panels off. You can buy a solar panel cleaning kit, though a car cleaning kit will do in a pinch if you need it to. Mix the soap in a bucket of warm water according to instructions and apply it gently to the solar panels using a hand-held brush, then “squeegee” the excess liquid off. You should do this every six months or so, ideally at the beginning and end of the summer. If you just need a touch-up or want to wash off a recent bit of dirt, you can use a simple garden hose, though be careful not to apply cold water to the panels on a hot day.

That, in essence, is the only maintenance step for your solar panels, since they have no moving parts and don’t require much attention. If you detect something wrong with your system, then you should call a repair service, of course, and you may wish to schedule professional maintenance if you don’t wish to scramble around on the roof yourself. In Olympia, solar repair services are provided by Sound Heating & Air Conditioning Inc., and we pride ourselves on doing the job right the first time, every time. We can explain any further maintenance steps for your solar panels, or perform them ourselves if you’d rather leave it to the experts.

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